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What is Exit Intent?
What is Exit Intent?

Learn how you can utilize our exit intent feature to capture additional ticket sales for your event!

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As you know, building a killer event page is half the battle in terms of getting people to your site and buying tickets. However, a lot of people may come to your site, stay for a few seconds, then leave never to return again.
Using our exit intent feature, you can help capture some of those soon-to-be-leavers and turn them into ticket sales.

How Does Exit Intent Work?

So, how does exit intent work? Once someone is on your event ticketing page and has initiated the checkout process, our system will be able to see when the user is about to leave the page. Once they attempt to do so, they will receive a message like the one below automatically:

This message will encourage the user to complete their checkout, even providing an countdown to your event in order to encourage them to finish their checkout.

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