If you're planning the same event that occurs multiple times you can save some work by using our recurring event tool! Use our Recurring Event tool makes setting up multiple events a snap: 

  1. Once logged into the Admin  Console head to the Manage Event → Event Details page.

2. Click on “Schedule multiple events” to open the Recurring Event menu.

3. Set how often your event repeats. Is it a daily event? Weekly? Once every full moon? We’ve got options. Choose the one that best applies to you.

Tip: If your events do not follow a repeatable schedule use the ‘Custom’ option to set up the different event dates.

4. Set the time & duration of your event. What time will each repeated event start and end? What is the date of the first event and the date of the last event?

5. Once you’ve taken care of these steps, simply hit the “Add” button to save your changes.


  • When configuring ticket types for recurring event you can control the default ticket type for all events or use the dropdown to select a particular event and adjust the ticket types or number of available ticket types for that particular event
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