How to Use a Stripe Card Reader to Swipe Cards
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With your Stripe Terminal, you are able to both insert cards with a chip or use the swiping functionality for magnetic strip cards.

  1. Make sure your terminal is turned ON and has been charged sufficiently.

  2. On your mobile device, navigate to the Accelevents Admin App & login using the same credentials you used to set up your event.

3. Once you are on the homepage, click the My Profile button in the top left corner.

4. Click the Manage Stripe Terminal Button

5. Click to select the event you would like to connect your Stripe Terminal with, then proceed to click the green CONNECT button. When the Terminal has successfully connected, the screen will display its ID, as well as change the green CONNECT button to a red DISCONNECT button.

6. Navigate to your event & move through registration/ticket sales like normal. When you select the Pay by Card option, input your guest's card into the Terminal & click the Proceed to Pay button.

7. When the transaction has been successfully completed, your Terminal will emit a series of beeps. Remove the card and a notice of your successful transaction will pop up on your screen.

When switching which event your Stripe card swiper is connected to please fully close the app and restart it.

This functionality is currently only supported on iOS devices

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