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Setting Up Payment Processing for Your Event
Setting Up Payment Processing for Your Event

Connect Square or Stripe in a matter of seconds!

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Your Event's Payment Processor

Before you can begin selling tickets to your event online, you need to ensure that your guests can pay. Follow these steps to connect your Square or Stripe account and enable payment processing on your event website!

After logging into your Accelevents account & navigating to the event you would like to set up payment processing for, click the Settings option on the lefthand toolbar. From the dropdown options that appear, then select the Payment Processing option.

Click the Stripe or Square button, depending on what you want to use. Then follow the prompts to log in to your Stripe or Square account and set up the payment processor.

Once you're done with the process, you should see the payment processor connected.

Note: You can only use a live Stripe or Square account with Accelevents. A sandbox or test mode account will not work.

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