The Accelevents Studio is the built-in streamer of the platform. This is the link that a speaker will need to access to start a live stream, broadcast a presentation and record a video. Each session has it's own unique link that can be used by up to 16 speakers at the same time.

To access the studio, a session must be created first.

  • Go to Sessions | Speakers on your admin console
  • Click Add Session
  • Enter your session details
  • Select Main Stage or Breakout Session as your Session Type
  • Scroll down to Stream Provider
  • Select Accelevents from the dropdown menu
  • Copy the URL generated under Studio Link. This will be the URL for this session.

Inside The Studio

The studio has 3 parts:

  • Left side panel menu
  • Live video feed
  • Live chat feed

The left side panel menu gives you control on the video and audio output, as well as other components to improve your presentation:

  1. Microphone - allows you to mute / unmute
  2. Webcam - allows you to turn off / on your camera
  3. Screen Share - allows you to share your entire screen, a window, a tab from your browser or a .pdf file to present.
  4. Attendees - shows a list of the attendees that are watching your live broadcast
  5. Phone - with multiple speakers present, this allows you to leave the backstage without ending the broadcast. *If you are the only speaker in the studio, leaving will end the broadcast.
  6. Settings - allows you to select which camera and microphone to use and test the microphone volume

Once you access the Studio, your microphone and camera should be automatically turned on and you should be able to see your webcam image. It doesn’t mean you’re already broadcasting, though! To start broadcasting for your session, it’s necessary to click on Start Broadcast to start your live streaming. You should see a brief loading bar after that and, after the loading is finished, your broadcast should finally begin.

Camera and Microphone

Before broadcasting, you need to check if your camera and microphone is working:

  • Make sure that your browser allows camera and microphone access by clicking the lock icon beside the Studio link URL
  • Make sure that your Accelevents Studio camera and microphone is enabled through the left side panel
  • Make sure to check the volume and camera output settings of your Accelevents Studio by clicking the settings (gear icon) on the left side panel

The live video feed area is where you'll see yourself on camera as well as your presentation if you're sharing your screen. On top of it is the Start Broadcast button which you'll need to click when you're ready to start your session.

  • The live broadcast will continue as long as at least 1 user remains on the studio, even if the person who started it leaves.
  • If someone clicks the Stop Broadcast button, even if that speaker is not the one who started the broadcast, the broadcast will stop.
  • If someone has already clicked the Start Broadcast button, and another speaker accesses the studio link, the button will say Stop Broadcast for the new speaker since the broadcast has already started.

The live chat feed area is where you can type in your messages:

  • Session chat: messages can be viewed by all attendees and speakers in the session
  • Backstage chat: messages can be viewed only by those who has access to the backstage link including speakers and admins

Multiple Speakers

The Accelevents Studio can have up to 16 speakers at the same time. You can choose to have 2 layouts from inside the backstage:

  • All presenters are tiled equally
  • One presenter is on the center and the others are on top. If there's only 2 presenters, your video will be on top and the other presenter will be on the center.
  • To change the view click the Change Layout button below the start / stop broadcast button. This option will only appear if there are at least 2 speakers in the studio.
  • Note: On the attendee view, the speakers are always going to be tiled equally

Screen Sharing

  • If you're sharing your screen, the screen will be shown in the center and the speakers will be on top.
  • if you're sharing your screen, no one else can share their screen. You need to stop sharing by clicking the screen share button again so that someone else can start sharing
  • If you're sharing your screen, the presentation will be gray'd out on your studio, but the other presenters and attendees will see it clearly.
  • If you're speaking and presenting at the same time, we recommend having 2 screens or have a moderator to be able to monitor chats and click to the next slide of your presentation without any hassle.
  • Note: On the attendee view, the presentation will be on full view and the speakers will appear as circles on the upper left side

Attendee view when there is a presentation:

End the Broadcast

  • To end the broadcast you can click the Stop Broadcast button on top or the phone icon on the left side.
  • Your session is automatically recorded when you start your broadcast and will be available for download as soon as the session time is over. If you broadcast for 30 minutes, but your session is scheduled for 1 hour, the downloadable file should be ready at the end of that hour.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: When you're done with your presentation, we suggest to wait up to 30 seconds before you hit the stop broadcast button to take into consideration the delays in broadcasting. If you stop early, attendees may not see the last 15 to 30 seconds of your presentation.

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