The Event Website tab will contain tools to help format the Event Landing Page and Virtual Event Hub of your event.

Under the Event Landing Page section you will be able choose between three stock themes for the page. To the right of that will be the options to change the Background Color and Text Color using Hex Color Codes.

Under Configure Navigation you can rearrange the navigation tabs using the “hamburger” slider to the left of the tab names.

Clicking the pencil icon will allow you to change the label for the individual tabs while the toggle switches to the right will allow you to turn off and turn on each tab.

URL will allow you to view/edit the event URL. To customize click on the highlighted text.

In the second section you will have the option to add a Banner Image. The image size must be 2000 x 500 pixels. The toggle in the top left will allow you to show/hide the Banner Image.

The Event Tabs can be re-labeled to better fit your event. Social media sharing links will be provided below the tabs. These icons will create a sharable link to use on the respective platforms. The social icons are not customizable.

The “Buy Tickets” button can also be customized. You can change the text and color utilizing Hex Color Codes.

The Virtual Event Hub section will allow you to customize a Welcome Message that will appear whenever an attendee logs into the Virtual Event Hub. There are various tools within the edit box with most tools having additional tools in their respective drop down menus.

Below the text box you can upload a Welcome Video to run when the Hub is entered. Video files must be MP4 or MOV (<5gb), dimensions: 1280 x 720 (720p), 1920 x 1080 (1080p)

There are options to customize the Hub Background and Navigation colors as well.

Enable Feed: The Feed option creates a social media experience, where attendees can post photos, videos or status updates. When this is engaged another toggle "Prevent Attendees From Posting in Lobby Feed" will appear - this prevents attendees from being able to post in the feed, only allowing administrators to post.

Enable Lounges: The Lounge feature allows you to create a room or a lounge where you can feature specific topics by adding posts, images, videos and an option to meet people through a live forum. More info can be found here.

Call To Action: The Call to Action button is positioned at the bottom in your virtual event hub navigation, you can link that button to redirect to a specified Call To Action URL. The button image can also be customized. More info can be found here.

Advanced Settings

Here you can customize text, turn off/on, and re-arrange the order of the tabs for the Left Side Nav Menu, Stage & Session, and Lobby.

Gamification is further explained here.

The “Custom” tab is where you can embed additional media, social media, testimonials, etc.

More info on the Info Desk can be found here.

Lastly, you can customize or hide the Lobby Chat feature.

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