Activating Enhanced Gamification:

To enable Enhanced Gamification, from the Admin Console, click on Engage > Gamification > then Switch to Enhanced Gamification.

Note: You'll get a notification regarding past gamification data. If you wish to keep data from previous standard gamification it is recommended that you download it from the Analytics tab as all previous data will be unrecoverable.

Creating a Game

Once Enhanced Gamification has been activated, you can then create a game. To create a game, simply click Create Game which will then open a panel on the right where you can begin inputting your game’s unique settings.

First, you’ll start by giving your challenge a title. Next, a description is added followed by the start and end times of your game within the event.

After the end time field you have the option to include a prize if a certain amount of points are attained.

In the following field you will then set which ticket types are able to participate in the game. Next there’s the area field, which for now only the expo can be selected until future updates are made.

The action field is how you choose which actions performed by participating attendees earn them points. They are as follows:

  • Visit - Visit a booth for X amount of seconds to gain X amount of points

  • Watch - Watch a video for X amount of seconds to gain X amount of points

  • Chat - Chat with booth rep to gain X amount of points

  • Link Click - Click on a link in a booth to gain X amount of points

  • Document Download - Download a document in a booth to gain X amount of points

  • Call to Action - Request a meeting (call to action) with a booth to gain X amount of points

You can pick any combination of actions for your game.

After you’ve selected the desired actions, you will filter the exhibitors the game applies to, which can be especially useful if selling tiers of exhibitor and sponsor packages.

If you have categories in your expo, you can sort by those as well.

Then you’ll want to enable the Lobby Feed where the leaderboard will appear. Click Event Website > Virtual Event Hub > toggle Enable Feed. Please note, the Lobby Feed has the ability to just be Gamification.

If you want to prevent attendees from posting in Lobby Feed, you can toggle that on too.

Lastly, you’ll head down to Advanced Settings on the same Event Site tab and enable the Gamification tab.

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