The Push Notification feature allows you to send notifications to your attendees while they are in the virtual event hub. It will appear as a pop up that usually appears at the upper right corner of the screen, depending on their browser settings.

You can use this feature to catch your attendees' attention for any announcements you may have for your event.

Send Push Notifications

  • In your admin console, navigate to the Engage tab

  • Select Send Push Notification

  • Click Create New

  • Enter your Push Notification title and message

  • Select whether to send the push notification now or send later

  • If you select to send now, click Send Notification to send it right now

  • If you select Send Later, enter the date and time, then click Schedule Notification

Note: If you want to resend a push notification, just click edit (pencil icon) and Send Notification. This can only be done if you've previously set it to send the notification "now" instead of scheduling it for later.

Push Notification Appearance

The push notification normally appears on the upper right corner of the screen, but it would still depend on the browser settings. Some may appear at the bottom of the screen. Inside the push notification, you'll see from which browser it's coming from, the title, the Accelevents URL and the message.

In Chrome, the message will only show about 100 characters, depending on what can fit in the 2 lines. To see the rest of the message, the attendee has to click the push notification to expand the box. When expanded, it will show up to 400 characters more or less, depending on what can fit in the 8 lines. If your message is longer than that, then the rest will not be seen.

Since push notifications appear only for a few seconds, we suggest keeping your message short and precise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Push Notifications can I add?

  • You can add as many as you want!

Can I resend a Push Notification?

  • Yes, just click the edit icon, then choose whether you want to send it now or schedule it for later.

  • This can only be done to push notifications that were previously sent "now" instead of scheduled later.

Can attendees see the Push Notification if they are inside a session?

  • Yes, as long as they are inside the virtual event hub and they have enabled push notifications on their browser settings then they will see it.

  • If they are just in your main event page, they will not see the push notification.

Is there a limit on number of characters?

  • When adding the text in your push notification settings, it will not have a limitation, however it will only show approximately 100 characters when pushed, and if the message is expanded, it will show approximately 400 characters.

How long will the push notification appear on screen?

  • The default setting is to have it appear for only 5 seconds, but this depends on your attendees' browser settings.

Can I set it that only specific attendees can see the push notification?

  • No, everyone in the virtual event hub will see it as long as their push notifications settings are enabled for their browser

Will this work for Safari, Firefox and Edge?

  • Yes

How do attendees enable push notifications in their browser?

  • The easiest way to do this in Chrome is to click the lock icon on the browser and allow notifications

After allowing the browser for notifications, it's still not showing up, what else can I check?

For Mac users:

  • Go to System Preferences > Notifications. Make sure that you have All Notifications Turned on for your browser

  • In the same Notifications setting, check if your device is on Do Not Disturb

For Windows users:

  • Click on the start button and search for 'Focus Assist'. Then click on the option that shows up:

  • On the next window, toggle Focus Assist 'Off':

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