The About tab, Lobby Custom tab, and Virtual Event Hub tab are areas in your event where you can fully customize the content. You can add images and videos and even embed social media pages, games, and media players like Spotify!

In this article, you'll learn how to add videos to the Content Editor of your About tab or the Custom tab.

The About tab on the Event Landing Page is the first stop for your attendees to learn more about your event.

The Lobby Custom tab is another tab you can add to your Virtual Event Hub Lobby, wherein you can add more information about your event.

The Virtual Event Hub tab is another tab you can add to your left-side navigation in the Virtual Event Hub, where attendees can easily access it.

The first step is select whether you want to edit your About tab or add a Custom tab:

After selecting which tab to edit, you will see the Content Editor. Follow the steps below on how to add a video.

Adding Videos through the Content Editor

Part 1: Adding a Video URL

Videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Vidyard will work as long as the video's viewable to anyone online.

  • Click on the video icon, paste the video's URL, and click Insert.

  • The video will appear in the About tab or Custom tab.

Part 2: Adding a Video Embed Code

Do you have videos uploaded on Facebook and want to use them in your event? This is something that you can easily do! Instead of pasting the Facebook video's URL, you'll need to paste its embed code.

  • Click on the < > icon in the About tab or Custom tab's content editor, paste the Facebook video's embed code, and select Insert.

Note: Only Public Facebook videos can be shared and played.

  • The video will appear in the About tab or Custom tab.

How to Get the Embed Code

You may get the Facebook video's embed code by clicking on Share and selecting Embed.

A pop-up will appear for you to copy the embed code.

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