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Why are my bidders showing as "Unknown?"
Why are my bidders showing as "Unknown?"
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Bidders & Winners page

The Bidders & Winners page in your Manager Console is a great place to monitor your fundraiser's performance in real-time. Here, you can view the bidder history, as well as contact information for your donors. Head to Auction--> Bidders & Winners to check it out!

When looking at your Manager Console, you may wonder why the contact information for some of your bidders is showing as "unknown."

When Unknown is showing for a bidder, this simply means that your bidder has bid via text message, but has not yet confirmed their first and last name. This can be done by the bidder at any time during your auction by simply replying to the last text message they received from your fundraiser with their first and last name.

If a bidder still has not confirmed their name at the end of the auction, they can do so through the checkout process.

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