At first, Text to Give / Online Donation campaigns appear to be very similar to Fund a Need Campaigns. While both take advantage of mobile fundraising technology (text message and online donations), there are a few key differences between the two formats.

Text to Give / Online Donations

  • Allows for general donations to your cause or event

  • Payment is made immediately at the time of donation

  • Allow for recurring donations¬†

  • Donor's name and progress towards fundraising goal will appear on screen

  • Please note that the text option will only work for certain countries (including US and Canada). Please check with us if this will work in your country.

Fund a Need

  • Allows for pledges towards specific donation levels or causes. Examples include sponsor a patient, sponsor a meal, support a project

  • Donors can pay immediately or later

  • Does not allow for recurring donations or donor's name on screen

  • Progress towards fundraising goal and pledges per level will be displayed

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