Our multiple winners option allows you to have multiple winners for the silent auction items that you specify. Each winner will be awarded the item they bid on at the amount they bid, based on the number of winners that you determine for each item.


  • If an item allows for three winners and one person has the first and third highest bid then that person will have two winning bids and be asked to pay for both the 1st and 3rd highest bid.
  • If you are using the multiple winner feature with Buy it Now Items and someone bids more than the buy it now price than the new Buy it Now price will be the amount of the highest paid amount. If you are looking to sell multiple of an item such as t-shirts or a wine pull we suggest using the Fund a Need tool.

To utilize our multiple winner feature, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Auction --> Settings in your manager console:

2. Turn on the Allow Multiple Winners per Item toggle" 

3. To select which items you would like to have multiple winners for, navigate back to your Auction --> Add Items Page:

4. Expand the item you would like to have multiple winners for, and add the number of winners in the Number of Winners per Item field:

On your silent auction page, your bidders can view the number of winner accepted for each item in the item detail page:

Your bidders can also see the eligible winners for each item. If multiple winners are enabled, there will be a check mark next to each eligible winner for that item.

At the end of your event, all winners for the item will be notified and will be able to pay for their bid.

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