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Accelevents Auction Video Overview
Accelevents Auction Video Overview

Step-by-step video guide for getting your silent auction setup!

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Welcome to the Accelevents auction video overview. Below, you will find a series of videos that take you through the auction setup and activation process:

Auction Creation

Adding Your Auction Items

Setting Your Auction Date and Time

Setting up Credit Card Processing 

Activating Your Auction

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can an auction run?

  • It can run up to 3 months

How do I set the start date of my auction?

  • The start date of your auction is when you activate your auction

What does it mean when I already activated it but it goes back to test mode?

  • You probably did not set your end date to a later date, and while setting up your auction the time ran out.

  • To set your end date and time, just go to Auction > Settings, change the time and scroll down to reset. Resetting will not delete your items, but it will remove all the bids.

  • Once you're ready to launch your auction, just contact our support team to reactivate your auction.

When are winners selected?

  • Once the auction is over, you should see the winners in Auction > Bidders & Winners > Winners tab

How do I arrange to send the items to the winners?

  • You will have to arrange that externally, there is no option to arrange that from within Accelevents.

When do I pay the activation fee?

  • This will be paid upfront when you activate your event in Settings > Billing

When do I pay the $1 per bidder fee?

  • It will be automatically be charged to your card at the end of the auction.

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