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Facebook Pixel Tracking for Your Event
Facebook Pixel Tracking for Your Event

Utilize Facebook pixel tracking in order to track different stages of your ticket buyer journey.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Apple has made updates that will show a prompt to iOS 14.5 users, where the user can opt-out of tracking on their iOS 14.5 devices.

The new changes allow Apple to improve security for its users, while at the same time restricting opportunities to advertise on its platform, and hurting fellow tech giants and competitors Facebook and Google in the process.

In response to these changes, Facebook created a new tool Aggregated Event Measurement that enables advertisers to process web activity for opted-out devices, essentially bypassing the restrictions put in place in iOS 14.5.

The Aggregated Event Measurement tool will require domain verification in order to work. This option is only available at our White Label partner tier because it's the only account that allows you to have your own domain.

If you're not under a White Label account, you will be unable to complete the domain verification required in order to set up Aggregated Event Measurement.

So for now, if you add Facebook Tracking Pixels to your event, and an iOS user opts out of tracking, they won’t appear in your report, to make it appear you need to use Facebook's tool that will ask you to verify or register your event domain, which can only be done if you have a White Label account with Accelevents.

This information has been updated on May 29, 2021. We’ll provide updates and additional resources as they become available. Click here for reference.

Facebook pixel tracking

This can be a helpful tool to understand the different stages of the ticket buying process for your event. Once you understand the different stages of the buying process, you can learn where you may be losing potential ticket sales and why those ticket buyers are not completing the purchase process. 

Common events that can be tracked using the Facebook pixel specific to a ticketed event include:

  • User lands on the ticket checkout page - PageView

  • User adds a ticket or tickets to their cart- AddToCart

  • User creates an order. This is after selecting tickets and moving to the Buyer Info stage in the checkout flow - InitiateCheckout

  • User enters payment details - AddPaymentInfo

  • User completes an order - Purchase (this includes the order amount and currency)

Implementing Facebook tracking is a fairly easy process. Follow the steps below to add tracking to your event!

1. Log in to your Facebook Events Manager account by:

  • Clicking Manage Ads in the drop-down at the top right of your Facebook profile

  • In the top left of the screen, click Facebook Ads --> All Tools

  • Select Events Manager

2. Select the Facebook Pixel Option:

3. Name your pixel and enter your Accelvents event URL

4. Exit out of the popup below:

5. Copy and Paste your Pixel ID.

6. Log in to your Accelevents Manager Console and Navigate to Settings --> Integrations.

7. Click on the Configure button for Facebook Pixel and paste the Pixel ID.

You're ready to go! 

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