Facebook pixel tracking can be a helpful tool to understand the different stages of the ticket buyer process for your event. Once your understand the different stages of the buyer process, you can learn where you may be losing potential ticket sales and why those ticket buyers are not completing the purchase process. 

Common events that can be tracked using the Facebook pixel specific to a ticketed event include:

  • User lands on ticket checkout page - PageView
  • User adds a ticket or tickets to their cart- AddToCart
  • User creates an order. This is after selecting tickets and moving to the Buyer Info stage in the checkout flow - InitiateCheckout
  • User enters payment details - AddPaymentInfo
  • User completes an order - Purchase (this includes the order amount and currency)

Implementing Facebook tracking is a fairly easy process. Follow the steps below to add tracking to your event!

1. Login to your Facebook Events Manager account by:

  • Clicking Manage Ads in the drop down at the top right of your Facebook profile
  • In the top left of the screen, click Facebook Ads --> All Tools
  • Select Events Manager
  • or simply login to https://www.facebook.com/events_manager

2. Select the Facebook Pixel Option:

3. Name your pixel and enter your Accelvents event URL

4. Exit out of the popup below:

5. Copy and Paste your Pixel ID.

6. Login to your Accelevents Manager Console and Navigate to Settings --> Integrations.

7. Paste your Pixel ID into the Facebook Tracking Pixel ID Field.

Your ready to go! 

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