We've prepared a full list of our required file size and dimensions to successfully upload your images, videos, and other files.

These are the formats and maximum file sizes that you can upload:

  • Image - JPG or PNG (2MB)

  • Video - MP4 or MOV (5gb), dimensions: 1280 x 720 (720p), 1920 x 1080 (1080p)

  • Other Files for upload - PDF, CSV, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, TXT (2mb)

  • Files in chat area - up to 20MB

  • Files in Lobby chat - up to 2MB

  • Documents added to a Session - up to 10MB

  • Vaccination Card Image - up to 2MB

  • Waiting media in sessions - JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4. Up to 20MB

Image Size

You can use an online tool such as Resizeimage or Canva for adapting your image dimensions when adding them to our platform. This tool works well if you need to have your image's total size increased or to add background filling to minimize distorting your images.

Event Logo

700 x 350 pixels

Sponsor Logo

300 x 150 pixels

Exhibitor Logo

300 x 150 pixels

Profile Image (Speaker profile photo, Attendee profile photo inside the Virtual Event Hub, and Admin profile photo)

200 x 200 pixels

Attendee Cover Photo

835 x 275 pixels

Banner Image

2000 x 500 pixels

Call to Action Image

210 x 70 pixels

Expo & Sponsor Cards

Small Booth - 256 x 256 pixels
Medium Booth - 540 x 256 pixels
Large Booth - 1112 x 256 pixels

Expo & Sponsor Carousel Image

300 x 150 pixels

Expo Banner Image

1100 x 234 pixels

Lobby Feed

There are no exact dimensions for this since it changes depending on the size of the screen where the page is viewed.

But on a bigger screen, these dimensions work fine:

1100 x 320 pixels if gamification is turned off

500 x 300 pixels if gamification is turned on


main lounge photo - 72 x 72 pixels

photos tab - 200 x 200 pixels

videos tab - up to 5GB

banner - 1200 x 200

Sessions Waiting Media (image or video that appears before the session starts)

We recommend using media size at least 1333x750px (Aspect Ratio 16:9) up to 20MB

Here's a video on how you can resize your logo on Canva.com. You can sign up for free.

Where in Accelevents can I upload my images?

1. Your Event Logo (700 x 350 pixels) can be uploaded from 3 locations

  • From anywhere within the Organizer Console, click on the top left-most image, a Change logo bar will appear when you hover, you can upload the logo from here:

  • From the Event Details tab, the logo that also appears under the event schedule:

  • Event Website, scroll down to the logo in the preview and click on the logo placeholder to upload:

2. Banner Image (2000x500 pixels): Event Site Landing Page

3. Call to Action Image (210 x 70 pixels): Virtual Event Hub

4. Speaker Image (200 x 200 pixels): Speakers Profile Photo to be shown on sessions they are assigned to

7. Attendee Profile Image (360 x 360 pixels): Attendees can upload on their own inside the Virtual Event Hub

8. Attendee Profile Cover Photo (835 x 275 pixels): Attendees can upload on their own inside the Virtual Event Hub

Character Limits In Text Fields: Unless a character limit is specified, you are able to add as much content as you'd like! (i.e. Event Description, Session Description, etc.)

9. Sessions Waiting Media (at least 1333x750 pixels Aspect Ratio 16:9)

The media file uploaded in this area will replace the count-down timer that appears before the session starts,

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