The Call to Action button allows you to add a button in your virtual event hub navigation, wherein you can link that button to redirect to a specified URL.

Add a Call to Action Button

1. Click your Event Website tab from the admin console

2. Select the Virtual Event Hub tab

3. Scroll down Call to Action Button. Make sure it's enabled.

4. Paste in your Call to Action URL

5. Click the box to Open the link in new tab. Deselect to open the link in the existing tab.

6. Click Choose File to upload an image for your Call to Action button.

7. Drag your image or select the file from your computer

8. Make sure that the dimensions are 210 x 70 pixels (Ratio 3:1)

9. Crop the image if needed. Click here to learn more on resizing your image.

10. Click Crop & Save or Continue without Crop

11. Click your VIEW SITE button > View Virtual Event Hub

12. You should see the Call to Action Button at the bottom of the left side navigation

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