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Single Sign On is currently only available for Accelevents White Label partners. If you are interested in learning more about joining our White Label program please contact your account manager or message us in the chat!

Okta Setup Documentation

  1. Sign in to your okta developer account ( and get the Domain URL. Eg. (

  2. Navigate to Applications and click on the Add Application button. Select SPA and then click Next. On the next page, specify http://{domainUrl} as a Base URI, Login redirect URI, and Logout redirect URI. Click Done and you should see settings like the following.

  3. Click on done, it will generate the clientId: copy the client id

  4. Go to trusted origin as shown in the screen and click on add origin

  5. On add origin popup provide details like shown in this screenshot Note: Make sure you have selected `CORS` and `Redirect` type as they are mandatory to make sure authentication from Accelevents is allowed.

  6. Once complete, please provide your Domain URL from Step 1 and the Client ID from step 3 to the Accelevents Support Team.

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