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Widgets: Add Sections of Your Accelevents Landing Page to Your Website
Widgets: Add Sections of Your Accelevents Landing Page to Your Website

Embed widgets of your Accelevents page on your own website. Embed the event ticketing checkout page on your website.

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Embedding Widgets

Using our embed feature, you can directly embed sections from your Accelevents page, such as ticketing, agenda, countdown timer, or donation widget, into your website. You can also sell tickets directly on your website using the ticketing widget.

Important Notes

  • When using widgets, registrants should be able to complete the purchase directly from your website. However, if your event is connected to Square (payment processor), your event landing page will open in a new tab for registrants to complete their transactions, even if they selected free tickets from the widget.

  • If you're using the Tickets widget, the analytics will show you if the ticket is bought through your website through the UTM Referrer column.

  • When bookmarking sessions through a widget, the user must log in through the widget.

Embed Accelevents Widgets Into Your Site

  • Go to Settings > Widget Options in the admin console.

  • Select the widget

  • Click Copy to copy the embed code

  • Paste the code to your website's HTML editor (e.g., Wix Page Editor)

Different Types of Event Widgets


Add the tickets widget to your website so your page visitors can register directly from your website instead of being redirected to your Accelevents landing page.

You can customize some of the colors in the widget and show or hide ticket step progress on top.


Add the button widget to your page to redirect visitors to the ticket registration page, where they can start selecting tickets. This will open a new tab.

You can customize the button color and text.


Add a countdown timer to your website to highlight the remaining time until ticket sales begin or the event opens.

You can customize the countdown label, adjust the ending time, and customize some colors.


Add the donations widget as an additional option to donate directly from your website.

This widget will only show if you have enabled donations in the event. You can customize some colors and show or hide some donation information.


Add the agenda widget to display the event's session details and speakers on your website. Logged-in registrants may also bookmark sessions through the widget.

There is no option to customize the widget, but the customizations you set up in your Event Design tab will also be applied here.


Add the speakers widget to feature speakers on your website. When a speaker card is clicked, it will show the rest of their bio and their sessions.

You can change the layout of the speaker cards, show the social links, choose which speakers to show, and adjust the speaker profile picture size.

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