Once your event is built and you are ready to set up your integration with Cvent, please use the following instructions:

Note: Attendee import through Cvent has a fee of $1 per attendee import.

Through Accelevents, create a ticket type to migrate your registrants into.

From the Admin Console > Click Set-up Tickets and verify that the ticket type is present that you would like to migrate your registrants into. If necessary, click Create Ticket to add a new ticket type. In the example below, we have created a ticket called CventIntegration.

Note: Cvent registrants will migrate into 1 ticket type into Accelevents.

How do I enable the Cvent Integration?

From the Admin Console > Click Settings > Integrations > Cvent Integration and enable the toggle.

Once enabled, you will see your integration key. and then from the drop-down Select Ticket Type, please choose the ticket type that you would like to migrate your registrants into.

How to send data from Cvent to Accelevents?

To transfer data to Accelevents, Accelevent supports a webhook integration that will transfer data in almost realtime. As soon as Accelevents receives data from Cvent, we will start processing it.

Note: It may take Cvent 15 minutes or more to transfer the data.

Default EndPoint: https://api.accelevents.com/rest/integration/cvent/home
Authentication Token: Key from Accelevents Cvent Integration (Can be found in the Accelevents Admin Console > Settings > Integrations > Cvent integration)

Enable Webhook for Cvent account:


The link above will help your Cvent admin with the process. Once it’s available for your account, the admin can find it under Integrations > Push API Integrations. Through this page, please create an Integration with type Webhooks, and the details mentioned above.


Please Note: If you are running multiple events in Accelevents, you will need to create multiple Integrations in Cvent. Since an Authentication Token in Cvent is coupled with a single Accelevents event. If the same Integration is used in multiple Cvent events, it will migrate the data to the same event in Accelevents.

Selecting Integration Points

Once your Integration is created, you will need to select the Integration Points.

For now, Accelevents supports the following Integration points from Cvent. These will Create Order using Invitee details, Modify Order form details, and Cancel Order within Accelevents.

Integration Point Name

Event Type

Accelevent’s Functionality

Invitee/Guest Registered for Event


Create Order using details

Invitee/Guest Event Registration Cancelled


Update Order Form details

Invitee/Guest Event Registration Cancelled


Delete Order

Once the Integration setup is done from the Admin side, you need to use this in Event Details.

Enable Integration inside Event

Go to Events >Event Details > General > Push API Integrations and Add Webhook. Once this is done, the Integration will be up and running!

More information on activating Webhooks for an Event through Cvent can be found here: https://developers.cvent.com/documentation/webhooks-integration-user-guide/integrating-webhooks-in-an-event/activating-webhooks-for-an-event/

Supported Fields in Integration.

  1. firstName (As First Name)

  2. lastName (As Last Name)

  3. email (As Email)

  4. mobilePhone (As Phone Number)

  5. company (As Organization)

  6. workCountryCode (As Country Code)

  7. workAddress1 (As part of Billing Address)

  8. workAddress2 (As part of Billing Address)

  9. workAddress3 (As part of Billing Address)

  10. workCountry (As part of Billing Address)

  11. workState (As part of Billing Address)

  12. workState (As part of Billing Address)

  13. workZipcode (As part of Billing Address)

In addition to that, all the fields coming as part of customFields array in JSON, will be mapped against the Accelevents order form field’s name and value.

More to come!

Our Cvent Integration is being actively updated, stay tuned for new additions to this article!

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