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Adding Products to Your Exhibitor Booth
Adding Products to Your Exhibitor Booth
Add a Shopify checkout button to sell products in your booth!
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Aside from adding your company information in your booth, you can also add products and sell them from your booth. Click here to learn more about setting up your exhibitor booth.

Add Booth Products

  • Go to the My Booth tab in the virtual event hub

  • Select the Products Tab

  • Click +Add Product

A pop up should open where you can enter your product information. Just click Save when you're done.

  • Item name: Name of your product

  • Item price: Selling price for your product

  • Buy Now Button: A drop-down will be available for you to choose to either use a product link or embed a Shopify code to direct your attendees to the checkout page.

  • Product page link: If your product is posted in your website or through a different checkout page (e.g. PayPal), post the link here

  • Shopify embedding code: If your product is available in Shopify, post the Shopify code here to add a Shopify cart to your booth for them to check out

  • Description: You can add text, images and a video link to describe your product

  • Discount Type: You can give discount based on percentage or a flat-rate amount

  • Discount: Set the amount/percentage for the discount

  • Image: Upload a product image (png or jpeg). Dimensions: 200 X 200px under 2MB

Your items will then be posted on your products tab inside the expo hall

Shopify Checkout Button

If your product is available in Shopify, you can add a Shopify Basic Button Layout embed code. This will allow your attendees to add to cart and check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the currency of the prices of my products?

  • Yes, you can! As an exhibitor, you need to reach out to your event organizer so they can set it for you.

Can I have more than 1 currency?

  • Only 1 currency per booth can be set.

Can I add variations under a single product?

  • No, you cannot. You will need to create separate products for each variation, or specify in your description that the product has different variations.

How can attendees pay for products they want to purchase?

  • Payment cannot be processed through Accelevents, however if you add an external link to a checkout page (e.g. Shopify or PayPal) then they can click that link and pay for the item through that checkout page.

Can I add products in bulk?

  • No, you may only add it one by one by clicking the + Add Product button.

Is there a limit to the number of products?

  • No, there is no limit to the number of products you can list.

Can I add a video instead of an image?

  • You cannot but you can add a video link in the description

Can I add a video in the description?

  • Yes you can! You can add a video link in the description

Is there a way to track my sales?

  • There is no way to track through Accelevents since the actual purchase is being done outside the platform through the link that you attached.

Can I use PayPal instead of Shopify?

  • Yes you can. You can add a link of your choice the button would still show as Shopify. You can use the other button for Product Link instead.

Can I change the text on the buttons?

  • No

Can I change the color of the buttons?

  • No

What’s the difference of the buy now button and the upper right corner icon?

  • It will both redirect you to access the link that you set in the product link.

Is there a character limit in the description?

  • There is no limit with the description characters.

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