The Content Editor allows you to add text, images, videos and links to areas in your event where you can add a description. You can find this editor when you're trying to add a description to the welcome message, About page, sessions, order confirmation email, exhibitor company details, and more.

In this guide, you will learn the basic functions of this editor.

Text Customization


  • Make the text darker or look heavier


  • The text will be slanted to the right


  • Add an underline underneath the text

Font Type

  • Use your preferred font type

Font Size

  • Increase or decrease your font size

Text Color

  • Select a color or enter a Hex color code.

Text Background Color

  • Highlight your text.

Clear Tex Format

  • Remove any formatting done to the text

More Text Options

  • Strikethrough - adds a line on top of the text

  • Subscript - makes the text smaller and places it slightly below the normal line of text

  • Superscript - makes the text smaller and places it slightly above the normal line of text

  • Inline Class - choose from Code, Highlighted, or Transparent

  • Inline Style - change the text format to either huge and red or small and blue

Paragraph Customization


  • Change the alignment of the paragraph to left, centered, right or justified

More Paragraph Options

  • Ordered List - add a numbered list or arrange the items based on the alphabet

  • Unordered List - add bullet points - the bullet's style may be the default, circle, disc, or square

  • Paragraph Format - change the heading format

  • Paragraph Style - change the paragraph's texts to gray, add a border on top and below the paragraph, change the spacing, or make the texts all uppercase

Other Content Customization


  • Add a link to a text.


  • Add images in either JPG or PNG format by selecting the file from your device or entering the URL of the image


  • Add videos by pasting in the video URL

More RichText Format

  • Table - insert a table

  • Emoticons - insert emoticons

  • Special characters - add supported special characters

  • Horizontal Line - inserts a horizontal line

  • Upload - allows you to upload a file

Other Actions

Undo and Redo

  • Reverse a previous action or redo the previously undone action.

Miscellaneous Actions

  • Fullscreen - the page will go on fullscreen mode

  • Print - allows you to print the page

  • Select All - all contents will be selected/highlighted

  • Code View - allows you to enter HTML codes

  • Help - displays keyboard shortcuts

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