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Sponsor Analytics
Sponsor Analytics
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Reviewing your analytics can give you a better understanding about your audience behavior. The results in your analytics can also determine what approach and adjustments you need to do on your next event.

Sponsor Analytics

  • Go to Analytics

  • Select Sponsors

In the Sponsors Analytics page, you'll find 3 boxes on top:

  • Total Number of Sponsors

  • Total Clicks

  • Average Clicks Per Sponsor

The Download Button allows you to download a .csv report for all sponsors with the following data:

  • Name

  • Total Clicks

  • Landing Page Clicks

  • Virtual Event Hub clicks

  • Landing Page Anonymous Clicks

  • Landing Page Logged in User clicks

  • Lobby Carousel Clicks

  • Lobby Sponsor Tab Clicks

  • Session Carousel Clicks

  • Session Sponsor Tab Clicks

When you click Details from each sponsor, you'll see a breakdown of where the clicks came from and how many clicks per area

  • Landing Page

    • Anonymous

    • Logged In

  • Lobby

    • Carousel

    • Sponsors

  • Session

    • Carousel

    • Sponsors

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it count just unique clicks?

  • No, it counts all clicks. So if a user clicked on it twice, that will be counted as 2 clicks.

Are admins counted in the clicks?

  • No, so if you want to test if the analytics work, log out as an admin and try clicking the sponsor as a different user or a logged out user.

Is there a way to know from which session they clicked the sponsor?

  • That data is currently not available.

Is there a way to know which attendees clicked on the sponsor?

  • That data is currently not available, you will only know the total number of clicks.


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