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Can I Edit the Email That Donors Receive After they Donate?
Can I Edit the Email That Donors Receive After they Donate?

Customize the email that your donors receive!

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Customizing the Donation Email Message

Want to send a heartfelt thank you message to your donor after they submit a donation? You can easily do this through your admin console.

  • Go to Donations > Settings

  • Find the field for Donation Email Message

  • Start customizing your message. Your message will automatically save. Make sure that you got the Settings saved notification on the upper right portion of your admin console.

Your donor will receive the email right after they submit a donation. It is shown below their donation summary and it will look like this:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not seeing Donation Settings in my admin console?

  • Make sure to check if you enabled the Donation Module. You may check this on Settings > General Settings.

  • If you also enabled Text to Give then you won't find Donation Settings in the admin console. You'll see the Donation Email Message field on Text to Give Settings.

Can I add an image or a video?

  • No, you cannot.

Can I remove the donation summary above and other information below?

  • The donation summary and other information cannot be removed.

Can I change the image shown in the email?

  • The image shown is your event logo. You can change this on your admin console. Go to Event Details and click on Change Logo under Event Logo

Am I required to put a Donation Email Message?

  • It is not required. It is made available for those who want to add a custom message to the donation confirmation email.

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