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Networking Analytics

See the number of connections, matches, and meetings made on your event!

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Reviewing your analytics can give you a better understanding of your audience's behavior. The results in your analytics can also determine what approach and adjustments you need to do on your next event. With Networking Analytics, you'll know how many matches, meetings, and connections your attendees made through the networking session.

Networking Analytics

  • Go to Analytics

  • Select Networking

In the Networking Analytics Page, you'll find 5 boxes on top:

  • Total Connections Made

  • Average Connections Per Attendee

  • Total Messages Sent

  • Total Meetings

  • Total Matches

Note: Total Messages Sent feature is still in progress so a Coming Soon message is seen

There are 2 tabs under the Networking Analytics Page, Networking Sessions, and Connections.

Networking Sessions Tab

  • Networking - networking sessions names

  • Members - total number of attendees that participated in the session

  • Matches - total number of matches that happened in that session

  • Connections Made - total number of connections made by attendees in the session.

When the Download button is clicked, a CSV file containing information on attendee matches will be downloaded.

It will show a report with the attendee information (name, title, company), the information of the attendee that they matched with (name, title, company), title of the session that they matched in, and date/time when they were matched.

When the Details button is clicked, a Networking menu will slide in from the right side, listing down the names of the attendees in the networking session and the name of the attendees that they matched with.

Connections Tab

The Connections tab shows the attendees of the event. You'll find the following information:

  • Connections - number of connections made in the event

  • 1:1 Meetings - number of meetings scheduled in the event

  • Meeting Requests Sent - number of meeting requests sent

  • Total Meeting Time - total duration spent on meetings in the event

  • Average Meeting Duration - average time spent on meetings in the event

When the Details button on an attendee is clicked, an All Connection menu will slide in from the right side, it will show a list of all attendees they've connected with in the event.

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