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Configure Integration to Export Event Data Into Pardot

You can connect your account to Pardot through this new integration!

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Our Built-In Pardot Integration

Getting more data from your attendees has never been more critical. With our built-in Pardot integration, you can add contacts/attendees from your Accelevents account and have the data automatically appear in Pardot. You can streamline your campaigning and lead-generation process through this!

Note: This integration is only available for Scale / Business, Professional, Enterprise, and White Label accounts.

This is the key step to set up your Pardot integration:

This is an optional step you may want to customize depending on your requirements:

Other Topics:

Configure the Integration in Accelevents

1. Go to your Organizer Portal by clicking the Manage Organization found on the bottom left corner of any event admin console.

2. Go to the Integrations tab and click Connect under the Salesforce logo to begin.

If you're not seeing the Integrations tab, you'll need to access your Enterprise or White Label Dashboard to see the Integrations tab. Click My Enterprise from the Organizer Portal to take you to your Enterprise or White Label Dashboard, where you should find the Integrations tab.

You can also access the direct Enterprise or White Label Dashboard URL to see the Integrations tab. The URL would look something like this:

3. Select the organizer you want to connect to your Pardot account.

4. A new window will pop up, asking you for authentication (this is required to push data to your integration).

  • Click on New Authentication

  • Choose your Pardot environment

  • Input your username, password, security token, and business unit ID

**If you don't know your security token, you can reset it by going to Salesforce Settings > Reset My Security Token. The new security token will be sent to your email address. If you've previously set up an integration, then you'll need to input the new security token for it to work.

**If you don't know your business unit ID, you may find it by going to Setup > Pardot > Pardot Account Setup.

5. Click Next on the following page, and you will see a Pardot to Accelevents Public URL. Copy that URL and paste it somewhere to use later if you need to set up a webhook. Click Finish.

6. After clicking Finish, return to the Integrations tab and wait for the integration to enable. The green button under Pardot will turn red once enabled and connected, and an edit button should appear next to it.

The next steps below are for other optional settings and a way to test, edit, or disconnect your integration.

Map Default and Custom Question Fields

By default, the attendee's Email, First Name, and Last Name are the fields that will be exported from Accelevents to Pardot.

If you want to add new mappings beyond the defaults, go to Settings > Integrations > Configure Pardot.

You'll see two lists there - one for Accelevents Fields and one for Pardot Properties. You can set what you'd like for each field with the Add a new Mapping button.

To correctly map questions, enable the question on both the Ticket Holder order form and the Ticket Buyer order form.

  • Go to Registration > Order Form

  • Enable Collect both Ticket Buyer and Ticket Holder Information

  • Go to the Ticket Buyer tab and enable the include and require toggles for the questions to be included in the mapping

  • Go to the Ticket Holder tab and enable the include and require toggles for the questions to be included in the mapping


  • If you have multiple events, you'll need to set the mapping for each event.

  • If you add custom fields in your order form, just refresh if they are not appearing in the mapping.

  • If you can't find a matching Pardot property for your custom field or other default fields (e.g., disclaimer and social medial links), select any Pardot Property that is most applicable (e.g., Status) or create a new property / field in Pardot.

Test Your Integration and Access Accelevents Attendees in Pardot

You can register as an attendee to your event after integrating. All the registered attendees will be added to a new campaign in Pardot.

  • Login to Pardot > Marketing > Campaigns

  • Select the campaign for the event (it will show the event URL)

  • After selecting the campaign, you'll see the registered attendees under Prospects.

Note: If you're using SalesForce Connected Campaigns, you can manually create a campaign in SalesForce where the campaign name is the end of your event URL (e.g., If the event URL then the Campaign Name needs to be mynewevent. After creating the campaign, Pardot will show the new campaign within 2 minutes. The Accelevents integration will automatically find the Pardot campaign based on the event URL.

  • When a prospect is clicked, it will show an Overview of the attendee with their name and email address under Contents, then other fields from the order form under Additional Fields.

    โ€‹If an attendee's information is edited in the admin console, the information will also be updated in Pardot.

    If the attendee is already a prospect in an existing campaign, a duplicate prospect is created since the Accelevents event is a different campaign.

  • The Lists tab will show an attendee's status in the event.

    • Registered means they've registered for the event.

    • RegisteredNotAttended means they've registered and haven't checked in for the event.

    • Once an attendee is checked in, RegisteredNotAttended list will not appear anymore.

    • If an attendee's order is deleted and refunded, both lists will not appear anymore.

Edit the Integration

If you want to edit the existing integration, click Edit from the integrations page, and it will take you back to the step where it asks you to click "New Authentication" (step 4).

Disconnect the Integration

If you want to uninstall the integration, click the red Disable button, then click the 3 dot menu in the Pardot tile on the integrations page within Accelevents, then click Uninstall. Once it's disconnected, you can connect a Pardot account from scratch.

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