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Do My Donors Need to Download an App?
Do My Donors Need to Download an App?

There's no need to download the app! They can use a browser to donate!

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No, they do not.

Your donors don't need to download an app. They may participate in your fundraiser by going online or via text messaging. Our platform is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Accessing the Fundraiser Site Using a Mobile Phone

  • Enter the URL of the fundraiser in your mobile's browser. Our recommended browsers are Chrome and Safari.

  • Select Donate from the dropdown.

  • Enter the desired amount and click the Donate button.

  • The donor will then need to supply the required information.


Accessing the Fundraiser Site Using a Laptop or a Desktop

Donors may also visit your fundraising site using their laptops or desktops. They need to go to the Donate tab to submit their donations.

Submitting Donations via Text Messaging

Donations may also be submitted via text messaging. Please note that the text option will only work for certain countries (including the US and Canada). Please check with us if this will work in your country.

To submit a donation, they need to send a text message to your Event Text Message Number with the word Donate + the amount they wish to donate. For example, if a donor would like to donate $100, they should send Donate100 to the Event Text Message Number.

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