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How do Participants Submit Payment for Items They've Won?
How do Participants Submit Payment for Items They've Won?
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Payment Submission Process

Participants who won an item will receive a text message with a custom link. This link will bring participants to a secure URL where they can submit their payment using their credit card. Watch this video to see how it works:

The admin console will then show which items have been paid for (marked by a checkmark):

Participants also receive an email notification indicating the item they've won.

Once the participant clicks the Check Out button in the email, they will be redirected to the Check out page.

They will then be able to submit their payment. There is also an option to change the card they will use to pay for the item.

If they would choose to change the card information, they would be asked to enter their card details before clicking the Submit button.

Winners may also pay via credit card, cash, or check with the assistance of an admin or staff. To do so, the admin or staff needs to access the Staff portal. To access the staff portal, click on the Staff tab on the upper right of your event landing page or simply add /staff on your event URL:
For example:

The admin or staff may then collect payment by clicking the Auction Checkout button.

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