Yes, hosts can monitor a variety of metrics (total proceeds, bids per price, time until the end of the fundraiser, etc.) in real-time during their event with two of our tools:

Admin Console – This tool is personalized for the event host to monitor the performance of their event, showing total proceeds and the performance of each prize in their fundraiser.

Fundraiser Page - The fundraiser page displays can be shown throughout your venue by connecting to monitors and projection screens and is great for engaging your donors by showing total proceeds and bids in real-time. 

This can be accessed by clicking on the specific fundraiser module:

  • Auction --> Bidders & Winners --> Views

  • Fund a Need --> Donors --> Views

  • Raffle --> Buyers & Winners --> Views

  • Donation / Text to Give --> Activity --> Views

You will have different types of view selection:

  • View by Goal

  • View by Table

  • View by Scroll

  • View by Slideshow

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