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Automatically Register Attendees to Sessions Through a HubSpot Form
Automatically Register Attendees to Sessions Through a HubSpot Form

Create a workflow that will register attendees to sessions they selected through a HubSpot form.

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Your HubSpot Form

If you're using a HubSpot form to register attendees to the event, you can also automatically register them for sessions. In your form, you'll need to add checkboxes where they can select the sessions they want to bookmark, and once they submit it, they will be added to the sessions they selected as registrants.

After integrating HubSpot into Accelevents and creating a workflow to import contacts, you'll need to create workflows to register attendees to each session.

If you still need to integrate, follow the steps in this article to set up the Integration to Configure Integration to Import Event Data from HubSpot.

Session Registration Workflow

This workflow will depend on the first workflow you created during your integration setup. What it does is once a registrant is enrolled in your importing workflow (e.g., webhook workflow, list membership workflow, form submission workflow), it will also register them to the sessions they selected.

  1. Create a workflow from scratch.

    • Go to Workflows. If you can't see Workflows from the top navigation, click the Automation dropdown, then select Workflows.

    • Click Create workflow

    • Select From Scratch

  2. Select Contact-based, then click Next.

  3. Name your Workflow by clicking the pencil icon on top of the page. (e.g., Session 1 Registration Workflow)

  4. Click Set up triggers, then select Workflows.

  5. Search and select the importing workflow you created during the integration setup.

  6. Select Contact has been enrolled, then click Apply Filter.

  7. Click AND

  8. Select Contact properties

  9. Search for the field filled out by registrants to select the sessions. (e.g., Bookmark)

  10. In the "is any of" dropdown, select the session name (e.g., Session 1), and click Apply Filter. Choose only 1 session here. You will create separate workflows for the other sessions.

  11. Click Save.

  12. Click the + button to add an action and select Accelevents - Registered for Session

  13. Paste the last part of your event URL to the Event URL field.

    Note: If you enter an incorrect URL, you won't be able to move on to the next step; make sure there are no extra spaces when you paste the last part of your URL.

  14. Choose the same session you selected in the previous step and click Save.

  15. Click Review and Publish

  16. Select "Yes, enroll existing contacts who meet the trigger criteria as of now" if you already have registrations. Then click Turn On.

Repeat the steps for creating this workflow for all the sessions. Once you're done, you can test this by registering for the event using your HubSpot form. You should be added to the session's registrants list once done.

Note: It may take a few seconds for the activity log and the registrants' list to populate. Just refresh to see the updates.

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