Offline Mode in the Mobile App

Our mobile apps provide the assurance that you can effortlessly check in attendees and capture leads, even in offline situations!

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Should you experience Wi-Fi interruptions at the venue or specific areas encounter connectivity issues, the Admin app remains operational for attendee check-ins to both the event and sessions. Similarly, exhibitors who want to capture leads can rely on the Attendee app, even in cases where connectivity is a concern.

Important Notes:

  • The Offline Mode feature is only available through the mobile app, not on iPads.

  • The Offline check-in process will only work if the app user has previously visited the pages in the app where attendees can be selected to check in to the event and sessions. If the pages are visited, the data will load to the device, allowing the user to see the list of attendees on the check-in page even when offline.

Offline Modes

To Check In Attendees the Admin App

If you lose internet connection while you're using the mobile app, the Offline page will appear, along with a button below to go to Offline Mode. Once you click that button, the Event List title at the top will have an added word "Offline."

After clicking the event during offline mode, the next page you'll see is the Check-In page. It will skip the page where you can sell tickets, as this can only be done if you're online.

The Event Check-In process is still the same as online; the only difference is that you won't be able to print badges offline. From here, you can click "Attending" next to the attendee you are checking in, or you can scan their QR code to get them checked in as well.

The Session Check-In process while offline is completely the same as online.

When your connection is restored, the system automatically checks in the attendees you checked in while offline within 5 minutes.

To Capture Leads in the Attendee App

The offline feature extends to the attendee app but only allows exhibitor admins and lead retrievers to capture leads manually. They will see the Offline Page with the Go Offline Mode button when the internet connection is lost.

After clicking the Go Offline button, exhibitors will see the My Events page. After selecting the event, they will see the event landing page's About tab and an Add Lead button at the bottom. It will skip all the other pages and features as this is the only available feature while offline.

From there, exhibitors can manually add leads. Note that QR code scanning while offline is not available to capture leads.

When the connection is restored, the system automatically adds the leads that were added manually within 5 minutes.

Note: If attendees get disconnected, they will also see the Offline Page. They will see the same page as above, except there will be no button to add a lead.

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