Accelevents-Salesforce Campaign Settings

Learn the default Salesforce campaign settings and other settings you can customize when integrated with Accelevents

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With the Accelevents to Salesforce integration, all attendees imported from Accelevents will be added to a Salesforce campaign. In this article, you'll learn how the campaign is created, its default settings, and other settings that you can customize.

If you still need to integrate, follow the steps in this article to set up the Integration to Export Event Data from Accelevents Into Salesforce.

Default Campaign Settings

By default, the campaign where attendees will be added as contacts or leads will be auto-generated by Accelevents.

The campaign will only be created once a registration comes after the integration is enabled. The campaign will have the following information and settings:

Salesforce Campaign Field


Campaign Name

Event Name

Campaign Owner

This is the person who connected the integration

Active Checkbox

default is inactive (unchecked)


This will show VIRTUAL or IN-PERSON, depending on the event format

Campaign Record Type

default is List



Start Date

Event Start Date

End Date

Event End Date

Event URL

This will show the event URL slug (last part)

Organizer Name

This will show the name of the organizer associated with the event

Note: The Event URL and Organizer Name fields are fields created by Accelevents when the campaign is created.

In the campaign member's record, a Subscriber State field will also be created by Accelevents, which will indicate whether the member is only registered to the event or if they have attended the event.

Choose Your Own Salesforce Campaign

If you already have existing campaigns in your Salesforce account and want to use that instead, you can choose that campaign in the Configure Salesforce Mapping menu.

  • Go to Settings > Integration in your Accelevents admin console.

  • Click Configure under Salesforce

  • Go to Campaign Settings in the Configure Salesforce Mapping menu

  • Select the campaign from the dropdown

  • Click Save

Set the Campaign to Active

If you're using the auto-generated campaign, you can choose to set the campaign to active upon its creation. So instead of the active checkbox unselected, the box will be checked when the campaign is created.

  • Go to the Integrations tab in the Organizer Portal or Enterprise Dashboard

  • Click the 3 dot menu in the Salesforce box

  • Click Settings

  • Under Campaign Settings, enable the toggle to Set Campaign as Active

Note: This will only apply to Accelevents auto-generated campaigns. If these settings are changed, and a new registration comes in, the Salesforce campaign settings will also update to the current Accelevents Settings. (e.g., If the campaign is active in Salesforce and registration comes in while the active campaign setting in Accelevents is turned off, it will automatically become inactive in Salesforce.)

Set the Campaign Record Type

Instead of defaulting the campaign record type to "List," you can change it to your custom campaign record type.

  • Go to the Integrations tab in the Organizer Portal or Enterprise Dashboard

  • Click the 3 dot menu in the Salesforce box

  • Click Settings

  • Under Campaign Settings, choose the Campaign Record Type from the dropdown. These will show the choices available in your Salesforce account.

Note: The items in the record type dropdown are pulled from your Salesforce account. Click here to learn more about creating record types in Salesforce.

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