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Title, Paragraph, Text, and List Object

Learn how to add text and customize its settings in the event website builder

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You can add different page contents, such as text, images, videos, icons, buttons, and more, using the Event Website Builder. Each object can be customized through the right-side menu in the editor. In this article, you'll learn what each setting can do to make your page look appealing.

Note: This feature is available only for Enterprise and White Label Plans

Add a Title, Paragraph, Text, or List to the Page

Drag the title, paragraph, text, or list object to the template, and start typing to edit the text! You will see a toolbar above the text where you can customize the color and font, add links and characters, merge tags, and more.

Text Settings

When the object is selected, the object settings will appear on the right-side content menu. Since all these 4 objects belong to the same text category, they also have similar text settings.

Block Options

This last settings section in the content settings menu allows you to control the space between the object and the block (object container), hide the whole block, give the block an ID to identify it easily and create an anchor link.

  • Padding - Increasing the padding to add space between the object and the block or object container.

  • Hide On - hide the object from desktop or mobile view.

  • Block Identifier - this setting is used with an Action setting to create anchor links.

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