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Event Widgets in the Event Website Builder
Event Widgets in the Event Website Builder

Add event widgets through the Event Website Builder

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When using the Event Website Builder, you can incorporate event elements to your page, such as your event logo, ticket registration, agenda, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and the event countdown widget.

Add an Event Widget to the Page

  • Drag the event widget from the Content tab to the template

  • Click the Add button from the template to add the widget

  • Click Preview to see what it would look like


  • Only the logo and speakers can be previewed in the editor. To see the rest of the widgets, please preview the page to see what they would look like.

  • The tickets and countdown widgets in the event website builder are not the same as those in Settings > Widget Options, so any changes done in Settings > Widget Options will not reflect in the event website builder. We are currently improving these widgets; stay tuned for updates!

Block Options

This last section in the content settings menu allows you to hide the object and give the block or object an ID to identify it easily.

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