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Apply Image Effects in the Event Website Builder
Apply Image Effects in the Event Website Builder

Click the Apply Effects button to redirect to the photo editor in the Event Website Builder

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Edit Images in the Event Website Builder

When you add an image object to your custom page in the event website builder, you can perform basic edits to enhance the image.

In the right-side content settings menu, you should see an "Apply Effects" button that will redirect you to the photo editor, where you'll have several options to edit your photo.

Note: This feature is available only for Enterprise and White Label Plans


Add a filter to enhance the photo's colors, contrast, brightness, and other visual aspects, and add special effects or mimic the look of different film types.


Change the width and height of the image. You can also do this through the scroller at the bottom.


Trim or cut away portions of the image to eliminate unwanted or unnecessary areas, leaving only the desired part of the image. Drag the dots to manually adjust what needs to be trimmed or select one of the presets.


Transform allows you to rotate and flip the image.


You can draw over the image using different colors, brush types, and sizes.


Click Add Text, then type directly on the image. After typing, deselect and select the text box. Then, drag it to move it into the proper position.


Add shapes over the image. You can move it around and resize it.


Add stickers over the image. Choose from the preset provided, including emojis and icons.


Add a frame over the image. Pick from the preset provided.


Make the corners of the image round. The removed part will be transparent if your image is a GIF image. If the image is JPEG, the removed part will be black.

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