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Sessionboard Integration

Add sessions, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors from your Sessionboard account to Accelevents

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Importing Event Data from Sessionboard to Accelevents

Integrating Sessionboard with Accelevents can offer many benefits that streamline and enhance event management. Sessionboard is a powerful speaker and session content management platform, while Accelevents is a comprehensive virtual and hybrid event platform. By combining the strengths of these two tools, event organizers can streamline their processes, alleviate stress, and maintain an updated event agenda in real-time.

With the Sessionboard and Accelevents integration, you can import sessions, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors from Sessionboard to Accelevents. This synchronization minimizes the need for you to enter all this information manually and reduces the risk of errors.

Important Note: Turn off the automatic speaker invite email sending before integrating if you don't want imported speakers to receive the email

Setting Up the Sessionboard Integration

  • Go to Settings > Integrations

  • Turn on the toggle next to Sessionboard Integration

  • Click Configure

  • Paste the API Key from Sessionboard

  • Paste the Event ID from Sessionboard

  • Select the server

  • Click Save. After you click save, the data transfer should start.

Mapped Fields

The data transfer to Accelevents should include Sessionboard "accepted" sessions & speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. It will include the following fields:


Transferred Information


  • Name

  • Date

  • Time

  • Full Details (Description in SB)

  • Location (Room in SB)

  • Tracks

  • Tags

  • Advertising - Exhibitors & Sponsors

  • Speakers - assigned to the session

  • Uploaded documents (this will be available soon)


  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Pronouns

  • Title

  • Company

  • Bio

  • Linkedin

  • Twitter


  • Booth Name

  • Link to Site (Website in SB)

  • Exhibitor Description

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin


  • Sponsor Card Name

  • Short Description

  • Sponsor URL (Website in SB)

Data Resync

The integration resyncs every hour or every 15 minutes if the event is happening now or within 48 hours. If you want to push a sync ahead of schedule, click the Resync button in Settings > Integration.

Import and Resync Behavior

  • The default session type will always be "Regular Session" for imported sessions.

  • The default exhibitor booth and sponsor card size will always be small for imported exhibitors and sponsors.

  • When the session type, booth size, or sponsor card size is updated in Accelevents, this setting will remain after the next sync.

  • When settings not included in the integration mapping are updated in Accelevents, they will remain after the next sync (e.g., turning on/off the toggles and updating the text on some fields that are not mapped).

  • Tags, tracks, and session documents added directly through the Accelevents session will not reflect in the session after the next sync. Only indicated tags, tracks, and uploaded files in the SB session will be reflected in the Accelevents session.

  • Ensure that ALL accepted SB session dates and times are always within the Accelevents event date and time. If not, some speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors may not be included in the session sync.

  • There shouldn't be any extra spaces after the text in the description box. If there's an extra space, this text will be added at the end of the description: &nbsp

Frequently Asked Questions

If we remove an imported item in Accelevents, would it reappear in Accelevents when it resyncs?

  • Yes. Deleted sessions, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors would reappear after resyncing.

If we change the settings on a session in Accelevents (e.g., hide the session, disable the chat, unassign ticket types), would it reset to the original settings when it resyncs?

  • No, it won't. Changes in session settings will remain even after resyncing.

If we unassign speakers from the sessions in Accelevents, would it re-assign them to sessions when they resync?

  • Yes. Speakers would be reassigned to their sessions after resyncing.

If we change the imported item name in Accelevents, would it change to the Sessionboard item name when it resyncs?

  • Yes, it would go back to the original Sessionboard name after resyncing.

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