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Adding Google Analytics to Your Event
Adding Google Analytics to Your Event
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Google Analytics is a great tool to analyze different statistics on your website such as overall traffic, page views, bounce rate, and average session duration. 

Now, it lets you use the power of Google Analytics to measure the performance and gauge interest on your event site.

Steps to Add Google Analytics

1. Create a Google Analytics Account

Add an Account Name.

Select data options that you choose to share with Google then click Next.

2. Create a Property

Add a Property Name, its Reporting Time Zone, and Currency. Click Next.

3. Add Business Details

Select your Industry Category and Business Size. Click Next.

4. Choose Your Business Objectives

Select Business Objectives, your Google Analytics reports are personalized according to this. Click Create.

5. Choose a Platform

Select Web as the platform since we will be adding Google Analytics to your event site.

6. Set Up Data Stream

Paste your event URL to the Website URL field then add a Stream Name. Click Create Stream.

7. Install the Google Tag to Your Event

After clicking Create Stream, a pop up will appear showing Installation Instructions. Copy the Google Tag Code.

Go to your event's admin console. On Settings > Integrations, scroll down to Custom Scripts and click Add Custom Script for your Landing Page.

Paste the Google Tag Code under Header Script then click Save.

8. Test Your Integration with Google Analytics.

Visit your site's landing page then go to your Google Analytics' Home Dashboard. It will show that your data collection is active and should show the visit that you made on your landing page.

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