Adding Raffle Items

Learn how to add raffle items

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Adding Raffle Items

Once logged into your Accelevents account, enter the Admin Console for your event. Click Raffle > Add Items from the navigation bar, then click + Add Item.

Enter the raffle item information on the right side menu.

  • Item Code - must contain only 3 letters

  • Item Short Name - limited to 25 characters

  • Images - you can add multiple images up to 2MB each (JPEG or PNG)

The information filled out is automatically saved, and you may click "x" once you're done entering all the information for the raffle item.

Edit, Hide, and Delete Raffle Items

To edit a raffle item's information, click the three dots menu and select Edit.

If you want to hide a raffle item, you can click on the eye icon, which will then be greyed out, or select the Hide option from the three dots menu.

To delete a raffle item, click the three dots menu and select Delete.

Change the Order of Raffle Items

To change the order of raffle items, drag the icon on the leftmost side of the raffle item.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a raffle run?

  • It can run up to 3 months

How do I set the start date of my raffle?

  • The start date of your raffle is when you activate your raffle

What does it mean when I have already activated it, but it goes back to test mode?

  • You probably did not set your end date to a later date, and the time ran out while setting up your raffle.

  • To set your end date and time, go to Raffle > Settings, change the time, and scroll down to reset. Resetting will not delete your items but remove all the submitted raffle tickets.

  • Once you're ready to launch your raffle, you can contact our support team to reactivate your raffle.

When are the winners selected?

  • Once the raffle is over, you should see the winners in the Raffle > Buyers & Winners > Winners tab.

Could you tell me how I should send the items to the winners?

  • You will have to arrange that externally; there is no option to arrange that from within Accelevents.

When do I pay the activation fee?

  • This will be paid upfront when you activate your event in Settings > Billing.

When do I pay the $1 per participant fee?

  • This will automatically be charged when your event concludes.

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