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In-Person Bidding and Auction Checkout
In-Person Bidding and Auction Checkout
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Live or In-person auction items are items your participants can bid on during your in-person event.

Important Note: ALL live / in-person auction bids must be submitted before the auction ends.

In-Person Bidding and Auction Checkout

If you have an in-person auction where your participants raise a paddle to bid, you must ensure that the final bids are entered into Accelevents before the auction schedule ends. Have your team ready and get this done so that when the auction ends, winners can pay for the items they won.

Submit Bid to Staff Portal

Before your silent auction ends, access the Staff Portal from your event landing page. This can be found in the top right of your event webpage or in the profile dropdown in the upper right of your admin menu. Select Submit Auction Bid.

Enter the bidder's information, as well as the item they bid on and their live auction bid amount:

Auction Checkout Through the Staff Portal

By default, the auction winners will receive a link to check out when the silent auction ends based on the bid that you submitted for them through the Staff portal. They may also approach your staff to settle the payment for the items they won. To accept payments, go to the Staff Portal. Select Auction Checkout

P.S. We also suggest ending your live auction before your silent auction because once people see the price of the live auction items, the silent auction items will feel cheap. The people who did not win a live auction item will be more inclined to bid up the silent auction items. Sometimes we receive questions about the silent auction distracting from the live auction, but a text message will never be more engaging than an auctioneer, and if it is, then you need a new auctioneer. 

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