Our waitlist feature is a great tool to use for your event when you have high demand for tickets. You can configure your waitlist to trigger when a certain ticket type sells out, or when your event reaches maximum capacity. To setup your waitlist, follow the below steps:

1. Login to your Manager Console. Select Attendees > Manage Waitlist.

2. Enable the waitlist toggle.
3. Select your waitlist trigger. Here, you will see options to trigger the waitlist when certain tickets sell out, or when your overall event capacity is reached.

4. Select the size of your waitlist. If you do not want to limit the waitlist size, select '       ''0."

5. Specify if you would like to collect phone numbers from your waitlist members. Name and email will be required by default.

6. Set a time limit for waitlist members to claim their ticket once a spot has opened up for them.

7. Customize the waitlist release message. This is what will send to waitlist members to notify them that a ticket has become available. We recommend including the deadline for them to claim their ticket in this message.

Releasing Ticketing from Your Waitlist

1. Under Attendees --> Manage Waitlist, click the View Waitlist button.

2. Select the tickets you would like to release and click the Release button.

Your selected waitlist members will now receive an email notifying them of their ability to purchase their tickets!

Note: You will need to increase the quantity of your tickets in the Set Up Tickets tab in order to release the ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will refunding or deleting a ticket automatically release a spot in the waitlist?

  • No

If the ticket is released, will the ticket get the ticket automatically?

  • No, they will get an email saying that they can now buy the ticket and they need to click a link in the email in order to purchase it.

If I increase the number of tickets and I still have people in the waitlist, will those new tickets be available for purchase in the order page?

  • Yes, but there will be provision for the waitlisted ones.

  • If you have 1 in the waitlist and you increase the ticket quantity to 2 more, only 1 ticket will be available for sale in your order page and the other ticket will be reserved for the waitlisted person.

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