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Set Up Recurring In-Person Events
Set Up Recurring In-Person Events

Follow our quick guide to learn how you can easily create and manage your recurring events.

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Are you the organizer of a recurring or repeating event such as a class, concert, or show? If so, you know that managing multiple event entries can be a hassle when keeping the dates and tickets organized.

Note: The recurring event feature is not available yet for virtual events

In order to make creating and managing your recurring events a seamless process for both you and your attendees, we've created our new recurring events feature. This feature will also allow you to host one page that lists all of your events.

To set up your recurring event, follow the simple instructions below

1. Sign Up to Accelevents and select Event Details from the admin console.

2. Enter your event details, then select Schedule Multiple Events

3. Select how often your event will occur.

As you select your event frequency, keep the following in mind:

  • Daily: your event occurs every day 

  • Weekly: your event occurs on one or more days every week 

  • Monthly: your event occurs on one or more days every month 

  • Custom: you'll be able to select your own event frequency. This works well for events that do not follow a repeatable schedule or have multiple options within the same day.

4. Select Your Event Date & Time

5. Select the Add button.

6. You will now see your recurring event on your event details setup page.


  • When configuring ticket types for your recurring event you can control the default ticket type for all events or use the dropdown to select a particular event and adjust the ticket types or number of available ticket types for that particular event.

7. Check out your event listing by clicking the View Site button in your account. You'll see a drop-down for the multiple dates that are available.

One additional advantage of our recurring event feature is that you can edit each of the different dates in your recurring event. For example, if you wanted to add an extra ticket type or special pricing for one of the events in your recurring event date range, you could set that up below:

1. Click Registration > Set-up Tickets 

2. Select the date that would like to edit, and update your ticket types.

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