Creating a Ticket Bundle

Learn how to create ticket bundles, which can be used for tables, sponsorship and more.

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Does your event require different ticket groupings that you'd like your guests to be able to purchase? Using our new ticket bundle feature, you can allow guests to by a group of tickets in one purchase.

Ticket Bundle

The Bundle Ticket Types

There are three different bundle tickets excluding the individual ticket:

  • Table - use this for in-person events wherein guests will be seated

  • Sponsor - use this specifically if you want to sell this to a group of sponsors

  • Block - use this if you want to sell a group of tickets in a single purchase

While there are no differences in the three bundle types aside from how it looks inside the ticket order page, a ticket bundle is a way to offer different access types to your attendees and guests.

How to Create a Bundle Ticket

Create a Ticket

  • Go to Registration

  • Setup Ticket

  • Click Create a ticket

Setup ticket information

  • Indicate the price and whether any Accelevents ticket fee will be shouldered by the buyer or you.

  • Set Quantity and

  • Sale date

  • Click on "Advanced Settings"

Note: Quantity will refer to how many individual tickets will be sold for the particular ticket. If you indicate 100 and the bundle has 10 tickets in each purchase then this ticket can be bought a total of 10 times.

Advanced Settings: Setting up how many tickets are per bundle

  • Select what type of ticket bundle you want it to appear and

  • How many individual tickets are inside per purchase.

  • Once done, select "Save"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my tickets change prices as they buy more tickets?

  • No, the ticket prices are static. That is why bundles are created so you can place a set price for how many tickets you wish.

Can Discount and Access codes be used for bundled tickets?

  • Yes. Bundled tickets work exactly like any other individual tickets.

Can I add a custom question on the registration form specifically for people who buy the bundled ticket?

  • Yes, you can do this in the Order Form.

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