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How will my guests know how to bid?
How will my guests know how to bid?

Use these tips to make it easy for your participants to access your fundraiser page at your event.

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For some of your guests, this may be their first experience participating in a mobile auction.  Here are some tips and tricks to make it easy for your bidders to access your auction and place their bids so that you raise more money!

Guiding Guests on Bidding Process

Setting up a free QR code that links back to your Accelevents auction page is a quick and easy way for your guest to access the auction page without having to type the URL into their browser. You can bring out the QR code and/or link and put it on note cards and signage throughout the venue. 

We've included a few of our favorite places to setup a QR code or link:

Accelevents Ticketing

Just another reason to run your event ticketing through Accelevents! If ticketing for your event is done using Accelevents, guests will automatically be sent a link to your auction page upon checking in. This link will automatically log the ticket buyer in AND have their card already on file. Just be sure to configure the registration form to collect ticket BUYERS and HOLDERS' phone numbers so that the system has their number to send the text to. 

Email & Facebook

You can also setup your email system (either through Accelevents or externally) to automatically send out an email to all attendees with a link to the auction page. We suggest scheduling the email to go out 30 minutes before the start of the event. Make sure to include yourself on the list so that you can confirm that the email went out. As people check in, you can remind them that they have the link in the top of their inbox on their phone. Another great option is to post the link to the Facebook event page. Hopefully you opened bidding in advance of the event and already did this but you can always re-post it so that your attendees get another notification. 

Use a projector or TV

At the actual event we suggest setting up a projector screen that shows the current bid of each item. You can find instructions on how to do that here. The pre-configured screens in Accelevents also have bidding instructions on them.

Item Sheets & Catalogs

You can download both item sheets and catalogs from the Auction --> Add Item page. Just click "Download" in the top right corner. These pages have instructions and the item sheet page has a QR code that loads that specific item. Set up the item sheets in your auction area and spread the catalogs through out the venue. 

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