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How do I follow up on payments from auction winners?
How do I follow up on payments from auction winners?

Resend a text and email to follow up on credit card payment

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After the auction ends, the winners are notified through text and email with a link to settle the payment, however, if they forget to settle, you can do a follow-up.

Please note that the text option will only work for certain countries (including US and Canada). Please check with us if this will work in your country.

Follow up on Payments from Auction Winners

To follow up payment, you can resend the same text and email through Auction > Bidders & Winners, then click the Winners tab.

Click the winner to slide in the winner details menu, then click the gear icon, then select Request Payment

If after the follow up, you still have not received payment, you can push the credit card payment through your Staff portal on your event page, then click the Auction Checkout button.

Click the winner then click the Collect Payment button.

If you're still unable to collect payment from your winner, you have the option to declare the second highest bidder as the winner by deleting the highest bid.

Note: You will only need to send one payment request to someone who has won multiple items, They will receive a checkout request for all the auction items that they have won.

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