What is RTMP?

RTMP or Real Time Messaging Protocol is a type of video encoding that makes video streaming possible.

RTMP transmits video files from an encoder to an online hosting platform with minimal buffering to process your data for you.

The encoder is like your backstage, an example of that is OBS or Wirecast, and the online hosting platform is your stage where the broadcast will be seen by your audience, In this case, your online hosting platform is Accelevents.

How Does RTMP Work?

RTMP works with a simple protocol request from the client to the encoder. Once a connection is established, then the stream will start!

In simple terms, a code or a link coming from the online hosting platform like Accelevents has to be inserted into the encoder's settings to make the two applications work together!

Live Streaming Through RTMP using Switcher Studio

To use Switcher Studio to stream to Accelevents simply select Accelevents as the Stream Provider and then select the RTMP option.

Setup your Session:

  • Go to Sessions & Speakers

  • Create a Session

  • On Session Details, Select Accelevents RTMP as Stream Provider

  • Copy the information available on Streaming Key

On your Switcher Studio Account:

  • Log in to your Switcher Studio account.

  • Click Custom RTMP

  • Click Add Channel

  • Enter a name for the custom channel

  • Paste the Stream Key that you copied from your Accelevents session

  • For Server, paste this in:

  • Click Speed Test to run a speed test.

  • Click Save Channel

  • Once you saved the channel in the Dashboard, the channel will appear as an option under Outputs in the Switcher Studio app.

On your Switcher Studio App:

  • Go to the Outputs tab

  • Click the blue arrow beside Custom RTMP

  • Select the channel you created

  • Click Outputs in the left corner of the quadrant

  • Click the big red button to go live

If everything was done correctly, you should be able to view the Switcher Studio stream being displayed on your session in the virtual event hub.


  • When testing your session, make sure that the event time and date are for right now so that you can view the live stream right now.

  • The broadcast duration limit for an RTMP stream is up to 12 hours.

  • If you're using an encoder other than OBS or Wirecast, the server should start with rtmp:// click here for reference

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