To use OBS to stream to Accelevents simply select Accelevents as the Stream Provider and then select the RTMP option.


For OBS and Wirecast you must use the secure RTMP URL instead of the default RTMP URL.

  • rtmps://

Setup your Session:

  • Go to Sessions & Speakers
  • Create a Session
  • On Session Details, Select Accelevents RTMP as Stream Provider
  • Voxeet is the default Sub stream provider but you may also choose Chime
  • Copy the information available on the Streaming Key

On your OBS Account:

  • Click Settings > Stream
  • On the Service field, select the option Custom
  • Paste the following RTMP URL to OBS’s "Server" field: rtmps:// (for more information on why this URL may differ than what is shown on your Admin Console, please click HERE)
  • Paste the Streaming Key to "Stream Key" field
  • Click OK to save your changes
  • Click Start Streaming to start your broadcast

If everything was done correctly, you should be able to view the OBS stream being displayed on your session in the virtual event hub.

Note: When testing your session, make sure that the event time and date is for right now so that you can view the live stream right now.

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