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When Should I Activate My Auction?
When Should I Activate My Auction?

Tips on when to activate your Accelevents Auction demo account!

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We are often asked by our clients when the best time to activate their auction. The best answer here is that it really depends on the goals and type of fundraiser you are running!

Ideal Timing for Auction Activation

In general, we recommend activating your account and opening donations, bids, or ticket purchases 7-10 days prior to your physical fundraising event.

Activating early will allow you to socialize and promote your fundraiser and begin accepting donations prior to your event. This often will result in higher proceeds as your donors will have more time to support your cause!ย 

What if I have an online-only fundraiser?

If your fundraiser does not include a physical event, you may want to consider activating your account event early enough to have your fundraiser open for an extended period of time. We often see online fundraisers that are a couple of weeks to a month in duration.

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