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Adding Categories to your Exhibitor Booths
Adding Categories to your Exhibitor Booths
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If you have different tiers or levels of exhibitor booths you are able to group them by category. You will need to first create the category, then assign them to your exhibitor booths. Check out the steps to do so below:

1. Create your categories

  • Go to the Exhibitors & Sponsors tab

  • Click Settings

  • Click (+) Add Category

  • Enter the category name and click Submit to save.

  • Continue until you have all the categories you’d like.

2. Assign Categories to your Exhibitor Booths.

  • In the Exhibitors & Sponsors tab

  • Click the Settings button for the booth you'll be editing

  • Under the Categories field, select the appropriate category from the drop-down menu options

  • Click Save

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an exhibitor booth have multiple categories?

  • Yes, a booth can have more than one category, this means that the booth will appear on all the selected category tabs.

How many categories can I create?

  • You can have as many categories as you need for your event.

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