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Creating an Exhibitor Booth and Adding Exhibitor Admins
Creating an Exhibitor Booth and Adding Exhibitor Admins
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As an event admin, you will set up the skeleton or framework of your exhibitor’s booth and assign an exhibitor admin to give them access to edit the content of their booth.

How to create exhibitor booths

STEP 1: Create an Exhibitor Booth

  • Go to the Exhibitors & Sponsors tab

  • Add an exhibitor booth by clicking (+) Add Exhibitor


  • You can also import exhibitor booths through a CSV file or from past events. Click here to learn more about other booth actions.

  • To create the booth, you only need to enter the Booth Name and save it. The rest of the details can be added later in the booth settings.

STEP 2: Customize the Booth Settings

In the Booth settings that slide in from the right side, there are 3 tabs:

  • Settings - allows you to edit the main setup of the booth

  • Design - allows you to edit the content of the booth

  • Team - allows you to add exhibitor admins and lead retrievers for the booth

Settings Tab

The Settings tab allows you to customize the booth size and enable which features will be available. Any setting you apply here cannot be changed by exhibitor admins and staff.

Booth Options

Lead Collection

  • Allow Reps To Manually Add Leads - allows booth representatives to add leads manually by clicking the + New Lead button from the Leads tab on the My Booth page.

  • Allow Reps To See Other Reps’ Leads - allows other booth representatives to see the leads that the other reps in their booth chatted with.

  • Allow Reps to Auto Generate Leads - allows leads to be captured automatically in the Leads tab when they send a message through the booth chat or chat directly with a representative. *This is recommended to remain on.

  • Show 'Download Lead' Button in My Booth - exhibitors can download the lead's list CSV from the Leads tab on the My Booth page.

  • Count Every Booth Visitor As A Lead - turn this on if you want all of the attendees who entered the booth to appear in the leads list on the My Booth page. *This is recommended to remain on.


  • Booth Size - decide how much space your exhibitor booth will occupy on the expo page. You can choose between a small, medium, or large size booth.

  • Premium Tag - enabling this will add a yellow “Premium” banner at the top of the exhibitor booth. You can also customize the text and font color of the featured label through the Expo Settings.

  • Featured Exhibitor - enabling this will include the exhibitor booth at the Featured Exhibitor panel, which is at the top of the Expo.

  • Include in Expo Carousel - enabling this will show the carousel image added to the booth to the expo carousel placed above the expo chat area. Click here to learn more about the Expo Carousel.

  • Carousel Display Time (in Seconds) - set how long a carousel image will be featured in the expo carousel.

Manage Booth Interactivity

  • Enable chat in this Exhibitor Booth - enable this to allow attendees to send chat messages in the booth.

  • Enable polls in this Exhibitor Booth - enable this to allow exhibitors to add polls in the booth. Click here to learn more about Booth Polls.

  • Enable Exhibitor Q&A - enable this to add the Q&A section in the chat area.

    • Send Questions in Private Only - enable this if you want attendees to send their questions privately, not visible to other attendees, only to exhibitors.

  • Show Status Indicator - turn this on to show the booth status (away / available). If this is turned off, no status will show. *We recommend you turn this off if the booth is unmanned for the entire event.

  • Show the Exhibitor booth name - turn this off if you don't want the booth name to appear in the expo.

  • Create Sponsor with same name - when selected, a sponsor with the same name will also be created. Click here to learn more about Sponsors.

  • Link to Site - add the website URL to your exhibitors' site. This will display in the “Documents and Link” section of their exhibitors' booth.

  • Select Currency - choose the currency that will be used in the Product tab

  • Category - Select a category for your booth. To create a category, click the Settings button on the Exhibitors & Sponsors page in your admin console.

Manage Tab

You can change the order of the tabs in your booth by clicking the drag icon before the tab label. You can also rename these tabs. If there is no content in the tab, then that tab will not appear in the booth.

  • Live - live stream using Pro Exhibitor or Zoom

  • Video - play a video through YouTube, Facebook, Wistia, or Vimeo

  • Company Details - the content of the booth

  • Offer - another option to add content

  • Products - products that can be sold in the booth

STEP 3: Add an Exhibitor Admin

Team Tab

The Team tab is where you can add exhibitor admins and lead retrievers. You can also give them an event ticket through the Manage Attendee Access section. Once added to the booth, they will receive an email with a link to access the My Booth tab in the admin console, where they can edit the booth's content.

STEP 4: Edit the Booth Content and Design

Design Tab

The Design tab is where you can add the booth content, including booth images, booth and offer descriptions, social media links, downloadable files, and video.

The items in the Design tab are also available in the Company Details tab on the My Booth page in the event hub.

Other Expo Options


When you click the Settings button on top, you'll see 2 tabs:

Settings: Expo Settings

  • + Add Category - create a category for your booths. Once you select a category for your booth, the booth will appear in the dropdown in the Manage Category menu. You can also change the order of the categories and the booths inside a category.

  • Featured Label Customization - create a label for booths that you want to feature. There is a 25-character limit spaces, and special characters are allowed. The Label Color Picker selects the color of the text and does not change the color of the label background.

  • Exhibitor Background Image - the background image behind the booths that appears when the Expo tab is accessed

  • Expo Banner Image - the image that appears on top of the Expo tab

  • Stream Provider - choose whether to upload a recorded video or stream via RTMP

    • Direct Upload - when this is chosen, you'll see options to upload the video and start the broadcast

    • RTMP - when this is chosen, you'll see the option to copy the Stream Key and RTMP URL

    • Title - this will appear on the left side of the expo banner

    • Description - this will appear below the title

Settings: Booth Settings

  • All Exhibitors dropdown - allows you to customize which data from attendees will be collected for each booth (see list of fields below override per exhibitor).

  • Customer Exhibitor Email - edit the email that exhibitors receive when they are added to the booth

  • Enable Exhibitor Invite Email - if this is enabled, exhibitors will receive the exhibitor invite email when they are added to the booth.

  • Send All Exhibitor Invite Emails - click this button to send the exhibitor invite email to all exhibitors in bulk

  • Apply these settings to all exhibitors - this feature is in beta, for now, if you want to override the fields to be collected in the Leads list, override it from the All Exhibitors dropdown.


When you click the Actions button, you'll see 2 options:

Actions: Import Exhibitors

If you already have a list of exhibitors, you can easily upload them through a CSV file, or if you have exhibitors from a past event, you can copy them to your new event.

Actions: Export Exhibitors

When you select this option, it will download a list of your exhibitors through a CSV file.

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