The content of the booth will be populated by the exhibitor. As an event admin, you will set up the skeleton or framework of your exhibitor’s booth and assign an exhibitor admin to give them access! For more information on how exhibitors set up their booths, please reference this article.

Create an Exhibitor Booth

  • Go to the Exhibitors & Sponsors tab
  • Add an exhibitor booth by clicking (+) Add Exhibitor
  • Complete the exhibitor framework details

1. Name: Enter the exhibitor booth name

2. Settings around the live chat and streaming options of a company representative within a booth

  • Allow reps to manually add leads: controls if a lead can be manually added into the Leads page in the Exhibitor Portal.
  • Allow reps to see other rep’s leads: controls if each company representative can see the leads that the other reps in their booth chatted with.
  • Allow reps to auto-generate leads: this allows leads to automatically be captured when they are chatting within the company chat or chatting directly with a representative.*This is recommended to remain on.
  • Allow to show live streaming: allows exhibitors to live stream with Zoom. *NOTE: Zoom is the only live streaming platform that can be within exhibitor booths.

3. Number of team members permitted: set the maximum number of exhibitor admins and lead retrievers that can be added to this booth (live reps available to chat with your attendees).

4. Logo: add the company logo, the optimal image size is 700 x 350 or a 2:1 ratio, in .JPG or .PNG format.

5. Link to site: add the website URL to your exhibitors' site. This will display in the “Documents and Link” section of their exhibitors' booth.

6. Include in Expo Carousel: for more viewership, you can choose to add an exhibitor in the carousel, which is the space above the chat.

7. Preferred Exhibitor: toggling this on will add a yellow “Premium” banner around the exhibitor booth.

8. Booth size: decide how much space your exhibitor booth will occupy on the expo page. You can choose between a small, medium, or large size booth.

Visual examples #6, #7 and #8 are shown below:

9. Request a meeting button label: Attendees clicking this button will generate a lead in your exhibitors' booth, this is a way for attendees to show they are interested in an exhibitor booth. You can customize the text of this button or choose to hide this button.

10. Manage Tabs: you can customize and reorder the tabs listed in each of your exhibitors' booths.

Be sure to click Save

Add an Exhibitor Admin

  • Click the right arrow under actions to go to the exhibitor portal
  • Click the Team tab from the left side navigation panel
  • Add an exhibitor admin by clicking (+) Add Staff
  • Enter the exhibitor staff information and click Save

Once the exhibitor admin is added, they will receive an email with instructions on how to access the exhibitor portal.

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