The exhibitor booth allows you to showcase your content as an exhibitor and allows you to interact with anyone who enters your booth. With live streaming, you would be able to set up more inter-personal meetings with leads who are interested in your company.

Exhibitor booth live streaming can be hosted using the Accelevents Studio or an outside platform. Zoom is currently the only outside live streaming platform currently supported.

To add a live streaming option to your booth, first, the event admin has to create your booth and add you as an exhibitor admin. Once that's done, you should receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to login to the exhibitor portal.

Live Stream Set Up

  • Once in the Exhibitor Portal, click on the Set Up tab

  • In the Stream Provider field, choose either Accelevents or Zoom.

Note: If Accelevents is not an option, please contact your event organizer.

Live Streaming with Accelevents

  • Once you’ve selected Accelevents as the stream provider, click the “Launch Live Stream" to access the Accelevents Studio

  • You will be asked to set up your audio and video device before going live

  • As attendees are joining, you will be prompted to accept them into your live stream by clicking the gear icon > clicking accept next to the attendee's name.

Live Streaming with Zoom

  • Once in the Exhibitor Portal, click on the Set Up tab

  • Add your Zoom Meeting ID and your passcode

  • Make sure there are no extra spaces when you add your meeting ID and passcode

  • Start your Zoom meeting through your Zoom app. Your Zoom stream will automatically begin in your booth.

Enter the Expo

  • To see how your exhibitor booth would look like, click Enter Expo

  • Click the right arrow on your booth to enter your booth

  • On the live tab, you should see the option for attendees to join your Zoom meeting

  • When the attendee clicks the Join Meeting button, you should see a request to join the meeting from your Zoom app. Click that to add the attendee to your meeting.

Note: You may also set this up in the My Booth tab in the virtual event hub.

Note: attendees are able to join the Zoom meeting using their camera and microphone

Zoom Troubleshooting

If you are having issues joining your Zoom meeting, as the Zoom meeting host please disable the following setting in the Zoom application and try again:

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