Live Stream Your Session Using Zoom

Use your own Zoom account to broadcast while attendees watch the session in the virtual event hub.

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Zoom and Accelevents Integration Overview

Integrating Zoom with Accelevents offers a comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between live streaming and interactive engagement. By leveraging Zoom's familiar interface and functionality for broadcasting, event administrators can ensure a smooth and reliable streaming experience. Meanwhile, attendees benefit from the immersive features of Accelevents, such as live polling, session Q&As, and networking opportunities, all within a user-friendly virtual event environment.

  • Speakers will seamlessly initiate the session on Zoom with just one click in Accelevents.

  • Attendees will participate in the session through Accelevents while leveraging some of Zoom's features.

In this guide, we'll walk you through integrating Zoom with Accelevents, from getting started to maximizing the benefits for you and your attendees. Whether hosting a small webinar or a large-scale conference, this integration can help you create a more engaging and memorable event experience without the hassle of complicated tech setups.

Live Stream Using Zoom

If you're using Zoom Redirect as a Stream Provider, click here to learn more about setting it up.

Important Note: These Zoom features will NOT work with Accelevents

  • Gallery View for attendees (works only in Safari through iPhone or iPad)

  • Requiring Zoom registration

  • Requiring Zoom authentication to join

  • Zoom links with a custom domain

1. Schedule a Meeting via Zoom

Login to your account to schedule a Zoom Meeting. When you're done, copy the Meeting ID and Passcode. You will add this to your Accelevents session.

2. Integrate Zoom with Accelevents

This step is not yet required, but we will let you know once it's required by Zoom. For now, proceed to step 3.

  • Go to Settings > Integrations in your admin console

  • Click Configure under Zoom

  • Log in to your Zoom account through the pop-up window

3. Configure the Accelevents Session

If you still need to create a session, click here to learn how to create one.

  • Open your session for editing.

  • Click the Broadcasting tab

  • Select Zoom as the Stream Provider

  • Paste the Meeting ID and passcode you copied from step 1. Make sure there are no extra spaces.


  • Only the Meeting ID is needed, not the whole link

  • The passcode is not required, so you can leave it blank.

  • If you add a passcode, you must provide your speakers with the passcode.

  • The speaker invite email will not contain the passcode.

4. Start the Broadcast as a Speaker

There are two ways to start the broadcast: in the My Speaking Schedule tab or in Zoom.

Start the Broadcast from the My Speaking Schedule Tab

The email speakers receive will have a link redirecting to the My Speaking Schedule tab in the virtual hub. From there, they can click Launch Zoom. This will open a new tab to Zoom, where they can log in and start the meeting.

Note: As an admin, you will only see the My Speaking Schedule tab if you add yourself as a speaker.

Start the Broadcast from Zoom

The second option is to broadcast directly from Zoom. You can start from your Zoom account or access the direct Zoom meeting link.

Speaker's View in Zoom

5. Join the Session as an Attendee

When attendees join the session, they are not required to have their own Zoom account. They simply go to the virtual hub, look for the session in the agenda, and click Join.

Zoom has recently updated its settings (November 2022), where attendees can turn on / off their camera and microphone before entering the meeting or webinar. When they enter, they can only turn on their mic and camera if it's a meeting. If it's a webinar, it will still show their mic and camera settings upon entering, but once they are in, they won't be able to turn them on.

Attendees' View Upon Entering The Session

Attendees' View in the Accelevents Session

Attendees' View in the Accelevents Session using the Attendee App


  • If you have the waiting room enabled in Zoom, you should see a request to join the meeting from your Zoom meeting when attendees enter the session through Accelevents. Click that to add the attendee to your meeting/session.

  • If you require authentication or registration, attendees will get an error message that the webinar has timed out. Please change your settings and uncheck the boxes as recommended in the tips below.

Tips to make sure that Zoom works with Accelevents

  • Check your room capacity. Zoom has a limit of 100 attendees, but you can increase that on higher plans.

  • When setting up Zoom, UNCHECK all these boxes so attendees can easily enter.

    • Registration (always uncheck to make it work)

    • Waiting Room

    • Authentication to join (always uncheck to make it work)

    • Webinar passcode

    • Approve or block entry for users from specific countries / regions

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Webinar

Other Zoom Features That Will Work With Accelevents

  • Chat

  • Breakout Rooms

  • Closed Captioning

  • Whiteboard

  • Virtual Backgrounds

  • Record the Session in Zoom

  • Waiting Room

  • Polls using Zoom Webinar

  • Translations

Disconnect The Zoom Integration

If you want to use a different Zoom account, disconnect your current account and log in with the correct one. When you disconnect the Zoom integration from the Accelevents settings, the accelevents app will be deauthorized from your Zoom account.

  • Go to Settings > Integrations

  • Click Disconnect Zoom

To remove the Accelevents app from your Zoom account, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your Zoom Account

  • Access your installed apps in Zoom Marketplace through this link

  • Search for the Accelevents app in the Added Apps

  • Click Remove. Once you remove Accelevents from your Zoom account, we will remove your Zoom authorization from Accelevents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zoom Integration

Zoom has many limitations with its browser-based access. Some of the frequently asked questions related to Zoom's browser-based access are:

Can there be a gallery view for attendees?

  • For now, it works if viewed on an iPhone or iPad Safari. We are improving this feature. Stay tuned!

  • For the rest, when using Zoom in Accelevents, only 1 person can be seen on screen. Whoever is speaking will be featured on the screen.

Can the translation feature work?

  • Yes, the translation button will show in the session when the translator has logged in to the meeting.

Can the closed captioning feature work?

Can the Live transcription work?

Can the Zoom chat feature be used?

  • Yes

Can the Zoom Breakout functionality be used?

  • Yes, as of January 11, 2021. Click here to learn how to create and manage breakout rooms in Zoom.

Will attendees need a passcode?

  • If you add your passcode in your Accelevents session settings, attendees won't need a passcode.

Will speakers need a passcode?

  • Yes, if you've added a passcode, you must supply that code, as they will be asked when they log in to Zoom.

Can I record my Zoom session?

  • It will not be recorded in Accelevents, but you can enable the Zoom recording setting to do so, and you'll be able to download the recording directly from Zoom.

What happens if I go over the session schedule? Will Zoom be cut off?

  • No, the session will continue

Do I need a paid version of Zoom to make it work?

  • No, it will work with a free account. However, the free account will be cut off after 40 minutes.

Do attendees need to log in to Zoom?

  • No, they need to enter your event and click "Join" for that session

Will the speaker still see the chat in Accelevents?

  • Yes, if they view the session from the virtual event hub

  • Note: speakers do not need a ticket to view their session as an attendee

Can speakers share their screens while using Zoom?

  • Yes

How can attendees view the replay in Accelevents?

  • You can download the recording from Zoom, change the stream provider in Accelevents to "Direct Upload," and then upload the recording from Zoom.

Can I use the same Zoom meeting ID for concurrent sessions?

  • No, it will not work.

Can I use a virtual background in my Zoom session?

  • Yes

Can attendees watch on mobile or tablet?

  • Yes

Can I utilize Zoom's waiting room?

  • Yes, you can. You need to admit each attendee manually, or you can admit all once they join the session.

Can I use Zoom Webinar?

  • Yes

Is there a limit to the number of attendees in a Zoom session?

  • If your Zoom account has a limit for the number of attendees, that limit will follow if that number is lower than your set capacity in Accelevents.

  • Example: If your session capacity in Accelevents is 500 and your Zoom capacity is 100, only 100 can enter the session. If your session capacity in Accelevents is 100 and your Zoom capacity is 500, only 100 can join the session. It follows the lower number.

How can I ensure that my speakers appear as panelists, not attendees, when they enter the Zoom webinar?

  • You need to add your speakers as panelists in the Invite Panelist settings in Zoom, then make registration required. When the speaker tries to enter the Zoom webinar, they will be asked for their email address, verifying them as panelists. Registration requirements will require attendees to enter their information when joining the Zoom webinar.

  • Another option is to have the speakers start the broadcast directly in Zoom (through the Zoom link) instead of clicking the Launch Zoom button in the My Speaking Schedule tab.

  • Lastly, anyone already a panelist in the Zoom webinar can change an attendee to a panelist.

Can admins see how long attendees stayed in the Zoom session?

  • No, it's not available in your Analytics, but it may be available in Zoom.

What can we see in the analytics?

  • For Zoom sessions, you will only see who joined the sessions. You may want to check the analytics from your Zoom account for more data.

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